Conwy town and castle at night , North WalesLocation : LL32 8AY, Conwy, North Wales.

This is a great example of a medieval castle set in a lovely seaside town that is not over-run with health and safety. There are not many places left where you can climb original 800 year old spiral stone steps to the top of 70 foot towers and admire the perfect view.

The castle sits at the edge of the estuary with walls extending all the way around the old town. The castle itself is imposing with lots to explore inside. Admittedly, some of the worn steps and heights can be a little daunting, but this adds to the attraction (in my kids opinion). It has not been sanitised into a castle theme park and holds a real medieval feel about it.

You can climb most of the towers and the walls gaining spectacular views across the estuary and over the town. We love exploring the small passageways inside the castle and then scaring ourselves looking over from the top of the north-east tower. It is a very long way down to the dramatic suspension bridge over the river Conwy. The old well is still there in the castle, thankfully with a steel grate over the top since it is a long way down to the water. There is a wierd fascination from peering down into the gloom and you can almost smell the remains of a few peasants down there.

Once you have explored the castle you can walk most of the town wall gaining an insight into the people who live in the houses below. After this we wander down to the quay where the worlds smallest house in Great Britain can be found. It won’t take you long to look around it. The clue is in the name.

After taking in the sea air and looking at the boats we often grab some fish and chips, eating them with our legs dangling over the water, sitting on the edge of the quay. If the tide is low my kids have a play on the tiny beach area. It’s not one to sunbath or build sand castles, but is still fun to skim pebbles and get your shoes wet for twenty minutes.

There are a number of small independent shops in the old town centre, great for buying cake, rock and sweets. Emma and Josh always finish up with some momento of the trip, usually a small model of a boat or a pencil with with a picture of the castle on it. Come to think of it, on the first trip they bought a bow and arrow set from the castle gift shop. Josh has proved himself to be a great archer many times over since, ambushing me in the house.

Parking is usually easy in the large car park on Llanwrst Road. There is a small playground and grassed area there which is always a hit with my two after a long journey. Toilets are located here too. The walk from the car park is short passing under the railway and landing you right at the castle entrance.

Once we have explored Conwy it is only a short drive over to Llandudno and the Great Orme. These are also favourites with my kids. You can check out my other posts on these.

Since you are in Wales it may be worth exploring a little further to Aber Falls or Snowdonia and the slate quarry museum. These can be day trips on their own.

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