IMG_0896Location : Riverside Gardens Park, Maidenhead SL6 8NP.

We found a great place for a Sunday morning breakfast a laugh and some fresh air. It won’t break the bank either. It has everything – a cheap car-park, cafe, playground, crazy golf and a river-side location. The name ‘Riverside Gardens Park’ suggests something particularly grand but when you get there it’s just a down-to-earth suburban park, perfect for kids.

Kids love a good cooked breakfast

Jenner’s Riverside Cafe is located just outside Maidenhead in Berkshire alongside the river Thames. We discovered it one Saturday morning on the way to buy my daughter some new swimming gear from a near-by shop. If we are kicking our heals on a Sunday morning wondering what to do with the day we often head out here. First, it is into the cafe for breakfast. The food is basic and good. Full English breakfasts for the grown-ups and the kids tend to stick to the bacon butties. There is also a selection of cakes, chips, pies and burgers are on the menu, all at a great down-to-earth price.

Crazy times on the crazy golf

After chomping our way through this we have a go on the crazy golf course. Admittedly, it’s not the best-kept course, but this adds to the challenge. I’m not sure what it is with crazy golf. No matter how many times we play it, give it a week and we are always looking for our next fix. The best we have found is part of the sea-life centre in Weymouth, but that is another post.

Playgrounds and river walks

If that is not enough fresh air, there is also a playground with all the required basic dangers to keep the kids dizzy and happy. I can’t resist whizzing around on the big twirly swingy thing. Not too much though after a full English.

If the weather is looking good we often drive a couple of miles down the road to Cookham, park at the far end of the high street (in the National Trust free car park) and wander across the fields, down the river, and down to The Bounty pub. If you fancy a quick coffee there is a Costa in walking distance after crossing the river by the railway. I’ll cover this in another post.

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