inside-wagamamaEmma and Josh love the food and atmosphere at Wagamama. It is exotic, relaxed dining with food that comes fast. There are chopsticks too, including a kids version that neatly join together at the top like giant wooden tweezers. Even the layout is funky. No chairs, just long benches with long tables, almost like an smart indoor picnic venue. The food is nothing like a picnic though.

The menu is described as ‘pan-Asian’ and is based on Japanese ramen, a noodle soup. You can order ramen, as well as teppanyaki, salads, curry dishes and over a dozen side dishes.

The kids favourites

Emma loves the mini chicken katsu or the mini grilled chicken katsu. The first is chicken cooked in lightly spiced breadcrumbs, the latter is plain grilled chicken. They both come with sticky white rice, a sprinkling of vegetables and either curry or amai (sweet) sauce served in a separate bowl. The mini chicken yaki soba is very good too. We started off with Josh eating just a bowl of plain noodles, a little soy sauce and a few cooked vegetables. He is slowly moving on to the more spicy noodle dishes.

Food the grown-ups will love

The best selling dish, according to the waiter that served us in the Camberley branch is the chicken katsu. It is very good but to be honest, if you prefer something with a varied flavour, try some of the udon (thick noodle) dishes. They are filling and full of taste. The ginger chicken udon is superb. If you fancy something with some heat, go for the chilli dishes. A word of caution, if they say “super hot” expect your lips to tingle. Have a chat with your waiter and work up to the hotter dishes. Real Asian food does tend to be on the hot side, and these dishes are no exception.

Quick food without any fuss

When you order the food, it appears at your table as it comes out of the pan. There is no formality or waiting for all the dishes in your group to be ready together. If you order side dishes, your main may arrive first, a side dish may arrive first on another visit or the side can be interspersed by a main then another side. You get my point? The delivery order can be a bit random. Sharing the smaller side dishes is a great way to try a mixture of the menu.

Drinks for the soul

If you fancy something healthy and not full of added sugar then the fruit and vegetable juices will be right up your street. We love the carrot and ginger juice but there are a whole host of others to try if that doesn’t float your boat.

Wagamama is an all-round winner for us. Give it a go next time you are looking for something new or a little different. It’s all kids-friendly, even with high chairs for the very small ones.

 Let us know if you love Wagamama by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear what your favourite dishes are.