MSR Pocket RocketI’ve had lots of different camping stoves over the years. Everything from the old fashioned Primus stoves to big clumsy dual burner gas stoves. These days the technology has got better, the stoves smaller and hotter. Our latest for days out is the MSR Pocket Rocket.

If you want to know why this piece of kit is so useful to us on our days out, take a look at one of our recipe posts for cooking outdoors.

The ‘stove’ itself is tiny and fits neatly into its own plastic case only 10 x 5 x 5cm. You will also need to buy the gas canister (the red thing in the picture) to power it. after lighting her up, when you crank her up to full power she sounds like a jet engine roaring . The manufacturer’s specification quotes under 3.5 minutes to boil 1 litre of water. I’ve not timed it personally but on seeing it operate, it is awesome.

It’s a good idea to have a couple of spare gas canisters and always take two with you on a day trip. That way, you have a spare if one runs out half way through heating up your hot dogs. You can tell when the gas is running low by shaking them and hearing the liquid slosh around, but they tend to last longer than you think when you run them all the way empty.

A few useful accessories

Being compact, they can be a little unstable with a large pan of food on the top. On the beach it’s best to half bury the gas canister in the sand. I’ve also found a cool fold-up stand which makes the whole stove much more stable on solid ground. MSR make one but so do a number of other brands which all work universally.


If you really want to push the boat out, to increase burn efficiency you can buy wind screens that pack away neatly over the top of the canister. I found the Primus Windscreen works perfectly with the MSR Pocket Rocket. It’s a little pricey but well made.


If you have any questions on the stove please leave a comment and I’ll help where I can with a reply. Let me know how you rate them if you have one.