sausage_soupThis is a quick recipe that won’t tax your culinary skills. As a dad, a bloke and a life hacker, I’m always creating quick and easy solutions to outdoor snacking. This can be done in your traditional home kitchen but works best when you are camping, on the beach or up a mountain. All you need is a portable stove, a pan and the ingredients. Let’s jump right right in and start the Master Chef course on Sausage Soup.

Prepare the ingredients

Heinz Tomato Soup (two tins for four people)

A jar of Ye Olde Oak Hot Dogs American Style (they vary, see below)

Cooking instructions

Open the tins of soup and add them to a pan. Cut the hot dogs into 1cm lengths and add to the soup. Heat the soup for around six or seven minutes until the soup and dogs are piping hot.

Serve in a bowl with a spoon and a sprinkle of black cracked pepper (optional)

It may not be the most healthiest of food, but it is really easy to do when you are out and about with a camping stove. We have used this on the beach, alongside the river at Bolton Abbey and half way up a mountain in the Lake District. On a cold winters day there is nothing better than sitting outside eating something as warming as this.

Hot Dogs – the good the bad and the ugly

A word about hot dogs. We try hard to give our kids a good balanced diet and I am careful when it comes to the less healthy stuff.  The fat and salt content can be a little high and there are good hot dogs and bad hot dogs. If you are not aware of MRM (mechanically reclaimed meat), whatever you do, read this and take my word for it. Do not under any circumstances google for You Tube clips of MRM. You will never eat cheap processed meat again.

MRM is probably the lowest grade ‘meat’ that you can put in anything. Check the ingredients and don’t feed it to your kids if you can help it.

The premium brand of Ye Olde Oak hot dogs (and some other makes) do not contain MRM or chicken. They are mainly pork. My kids love them. There are alternatives with good pork content so it is worth checking the labels.

If you look at premium hot dogs we can find –

72% Pork, Water, lodised Salt, Milk Protein, Mustard Seed, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Spices, Spice Extracts, Stabiliser (E331), Sugar, Lactose, Antioxidant (E300), Preservative (E250), Smoke. Brine: Water, Salt.

Compare these with a value brand –

Chicken (Mechanically Recovered) (55%), Water, Pork Fat, Pork  Collagen, Salt, Wheat Flour, Chicken Fat, Thickeners (E412, E451), Beef Collagen, Herbs, Spices (contains Celery), Flavouring, Natural Smoke Flavour, Preservative, (E250). Brine: Water, Salt.

I know which I want in my cupboard.