One discussion we used to have regularly was ‘ how do we get our kids to want to go outside?’. With our two nippers becoming more and more interested in the Xbox, tablets, messaging mates and TV we needed something to persuade them there was life outside the front door.

My childhood walkies’

realistic trc180I regressed back to my child-hood and began to search for inspiration. One thing that jumped to mind was the handheld CB radio that I bought from Radio Shack. I used to wander around all over the place talking to my mates and random kids around the area over the airwaves. Come to think of it, this was the birth of social networks!

Things have changed. Technology has improved and become cheaper. I needed to buy my kids some walkie-talkies.


Motorola TLKR T6


After much research (it’s a man thing) I plumped for the Motorola TLKR T6. I went for a set of four so that we had one each. My wife still has not quite embraced the idea of communicating without using a smart phone, but me and the kids have a whale of a time.

For the dads reading this the technical stuff is below. For the Mums, they are great, don’t cost the earth and just work brilliantly.

The T6 is a digital PMR446 (no license required) digital walkie-talkie. It has 8 channels each with over 100 coded streams, giving you hundreds of channel / code combinations. The chances of finding some other random family on your frequency are pretty low.

The rechargeable batteries are great (NiMH) and seem to last as long as the kids do on a typical day out. The dual pack comes with a dual charger so two units can be charged at once.

There are a load of features but the ones we find most useful are the ‘roger beep’ (no need to say ‘over’ when you finish speaking). When you release the talk button the radio transmits a beep so the people at the other end know you have finished talking. There are also call tones giving you the ability to ‘ring’ people on your frequency, great for attracting their attention.

We’ve used them out and about in the open, between cars and between houses when my daughter is at her friends a couple of hundred metres away.

They have been a great buy. Tough enough to cope with a few drops and terrific fun. They will be going with my on the lads 4×4 adventures on Salisbury Plain too.